I’m Olive and I’m an aspiring actress with a love of books. My other interests include cross-stitch, video games, Harry Potter, and like a bunch of other things but I won’t bore you with a ridiculously long list.

Other things you might like to know about me are that I work part time in a bookshop, I also work part time at Lush, I’m in my twenties, I’m a Slytherin, and I have ADHD.

My reading preferences are for historical fiction, thrillers, classics, and stuff that either sounds really bizarre or has an intriguing cover, i.e. The Sea Beast Takes A Lover by Michael Andreasen. I prefer to steer away from dystopia novels as they usually cause me a lot of angst and generic romance novels aren’t my thing either.

Primarily this space is for documenting my experience through books. There will be spoilers. Absolutely do not read something if you don’t want the plot spoiled for you. There may also be a lot of out of context screenshots depending on the book. I may also post about other things as they strike my fancy because I’m an over-sharer and I won’t be able to help myself.

This is my first time trying in earnest to write a blog so you’ll have to forgive the growing pains while I find my stride <3