Dracul: I

Dracul Cover - Advanced Copy

This book is one that I picked up as a proof copy from the bookshop I used to work at purely for the ominous cover. I was a little skeptical when I realized it was some sort of Dracula off-shoot but decided to give it a shot when I saw the name Stoker on the cover. Later I’d find out that Dacre Stoker is Bram Stoker’s great grandnephew so I felt even more hopeful that I hadn’t picked up a dud with a pretty cover. I mean you’d hope he wouldn’t write something terrible that’s just piggy-backing off his famous dead relative.

At any rate the review on the cover was pretty convincing.

For a proof copy it’s also on the flashier end of the spectrum which suggests the publishers are likely anticipating that it’ll sell well so that’s also encouraging.

Seven pages in, however, and the jury is still out. Is the premise of this book that Bram Stoker gets inspiration for Dracula from Dracula himself because – plot twist – Dracula is real? If so, I’m worried I’m not going to like this book…

Author: Olive

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