The Tattooist of Auschwitz

I started and finished this book a couple weeks ago so my feelings will be unloaded in their full in one place.

And go!

I was expecting to find this book less enjoyable than the hype suggested since WW2 is an era I typically try to avoid in fiction/film/tv particularly if it’s set in the thick of it. In the end I didn’t have too much of an issue with it in that respect because I never emotionally bonded with it. 

It has a really great plot which is made only more impressive by the knowledge that it’s not complete fiction but the writing left me cold. It was fast paced but strangely didn’t feel rushed, it just felt… Brief. It felt like the author had written a draft just to get all the details down but forgot to flesh it out afterwards. I never felt emotionally invested in the characters which is the main thing I had expected from this book. From the start you know that Lale must live to give his account but you don’t know if Gita survives. The author had a perfect opportunity to build tension over her fate but it never materialized. It’s like the author kept showing her hand at every climatic moment so you knew what was coming.

It was still an entertaining book and I got through it swiftly when I did finally sit down and make myself read.

Me, whining about this book on Goodreads here

Basically, there was so much hype around this book and it fell short for me. Honestly I think if someone besides Heather Morris had written this it could have been a really great book. As it is it doesn’t hold a candle to Codename: Verity or The Book Thief. I wasn’t surprised to find out that Heather Morris was more of a budding screenwriter than a novelist and I think that’s why the book fell short for me.

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