Wakenhyrst: II

So I actually finished this book aaaaaaaaaaages ago and I’ve only now gotten around to writing about it. Woops.

Anyway. Wakenhyrst. I gave it a score of 5/5 stars on Goodreads which I don’t do all that often. I also harassed my friends about reading it, in part because the setting is local.

While I’ve seen this book classed as horror, I wouldn’t say I was frightened at any point but then I don’t think I’ve ever been scared by a book. It was definitely atmospheric though and it’s inspired a fascination about the fens that probably won’t ease until I finally get my ass out to visit one. I did spend a good hour or so violently researching the history of the fens and now I’m left with a lingering dismay that they were almost entirely wiped out.

The book increasingly goes back and forth between the protagonist, Maud, and her father via his journal. There was plenty of tension, the odd gruesome moment, some humor, frustration (the good kind)… I could list probably every feeling but I think you get the idea. The characters were well thought out and Maud as a protagonist wasn’t grating or bland.

I probably could have gushed more if I’d written this in the moment but I didn’t because I suck. All I can say is definitely give this book a read, especially if you live in or know Cambridgeshire well or if you just like a murky thriller or period piece.

I rarely reread books but I’d totally revisit this one, in fact I need to get myself a hardback copy before they’re gone…

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