Little Women

I’ve seen a couple different adaptations of Little Women but I’d never read the book. I actually bought the book a couple years ago when I found this really pretty deckle-edged edition but I didn’t get around to reading it until now. The new film seems to have everyone reading it now, myself included. Although I’d argue that I didn’t so much jump on the bandwagon as much as let the bandwagon end my procrastination!

When starting out I already knew most of the key plot points – I knew Beth would die, I knew Amy burned Jo’s book, I knew their father fell very ill but survived and came home again. I remembered a lot of other details as I read but usually they came back to me as I read them so nothing was spoiled. I don’t think it would have been spoiled for me even if that hadn’t been the case though, Little Women isn’t a novel that stays with you because of the plot.

That’s not to say the plot is lacking but it certainly isn’t a crime thriller where the plot holds the whole book together. Between the characters, the writing style, and the plot you end up with a lovely novel. I don’t usually refer to books as ‘lovely’ but it feels appropriate for this one.

Confession time! I started drafting this pretty much as soon as I finished the book back in February but I forgot to finish it. Oops. For that reason I’m going to cut this one short because it’s not so fresh in my mind anymore.

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