The Struggle

I should be 14 books or more into my reading year but I’ve still only finished one!

What’s happening?!?!?!?!

Basically I suck at adulting but actually I’m very distracted by applying to drama schools at the moment. I’m auditioning for RADA in a couple days and had one at LAMDA last month and while I’d love to say I’ve been redirecting my reading energy into getting ready for that… I can’t say that. I have been stressing out though and that doesn’t always make me wanna read.

Another impediment to my reading is my new Gravity blanket.

Behold my pride and joy!

Reading in bed is now incredibly difficult because this thing soothes me into a stupor crazy fast. I’ve yet to test it out by getting into bed when I’m not sleepy (so like before 2am) but it is knocking me out before I can even contemplate reading which is great but not so much for my reading.

Anyway, I’ve finally started to get back into a pattern of reading again which is great and in part thanks to being rehired by the bookshop I was temping at over Christmas. However, I’ve got two overdue library books and I’m determined to read them before I can rack up too hefty a fine because if I remember correctly when you return the books the machine sucks them into the void and I wouldn’t be able to immediately check them out again so……

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